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For marine assets, infrastructure and environments.

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GRIFFIN Engineered Systems is a leading provider of engineered protection systems and project support services for Canada's marine and energy sectors. We provide systems and services designed to protect marine assets, infrastructure and environments; and increase marine terminal safety and efficiencies. 


Our principals and employees have a long history of success providing application-specific systems and services to facility owners, operators, engineering consultants and general contractors across Canada.

From design and specification support, to delivery, installation and commissioning, we work in partnership with our customers to ensure the success of their construction, upgrades, and maintenance projects.


Our systems and service offering includes: 

Marine Fender Systems; Docking and Mooring Systems;

Berthing Aid Systems; Bollards and Anchoring Systems;

Oil Spill Response Systems; High-Efficiency Lighting Systems;

Pedestrian Bridges and Gangways; Composite Construction Systems;

Specialty Corrosion Systems; Project Management Services;

Installation and Inspection Services; and Equipment Rentals.


Mission Statement - To provide industry-leading systems and services on time and budget through unparalleled levels of service, quality, and after-sales support.


Vision Statement - To be recognized as Canada's leading provider of engineered systems and services for marine asset, infrastructure and environmental protection projects.

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Container Terminal Upgrades
Global Terminals, Delta BC

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems was contracted by GCT Canada to design, supply and install (26) SCN Double Cone Fender Systems to increase the berthing capacity at their DeltaPort container terminal. The new fender systems were designed to allow GCT Canada to accommodate 14,000TEU Post Panamax vessels at the berth. 


Deltaport is the busiest container terminal in Canada and as such this was a fast-tracked project to minimize operational downtime and revenue impact. In partnership with Trelleborg Marine Systems and local installation sub-contractor FRPD, the new fender systems were manufactured, delivered, installed and commissioned safely, on time and within budget. 

Environmental Response Systems
BP Canada, Halifax NS

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems was contracted by BP Canada to provide the environmental response systems for their recent drilling program offshore Nova Scotia. GRIFFIN worked in partnership with Lamor Corporation of Finland and Egersund Group of Norway to supply advanced Single-Vessel Sweep Systems to enable an efficient and effective response in the event of an environmental incident.


The scope of supply included (3) Containerized Marine Offshore Sweep (MOS) Systems, Oil Transfer Pumps, Hydraulic Diesel-Driven Power Packs, and Offshore Boom Paravanes. Once delivered, GRIFFIN worked with BP Canada's environmental response partner ECRC-SIMEC to inspect and test the equipment. This was a schedule-critical project which was completed on time and within budget. 

Lamor DND Boom.jpg

Containerized Boom Systems

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems was awarded a contract by PWGSC for DND's Marine Environmental Emergency Response Organization (MEERO) in Halifax, NS to deliver (10) Containerized Hydraulic Boom Reels to replace their aging oil spill response equipment. 


GRIFFIN Engineered Systems worked in partnership with their manufacturing partner Lamor Corporation to design, manufacture, deliver and commission the equipment. The containerized response systems were delivered on time and are currently positioned at various locations throughout DND’s Halifax facility to allow for a fast and efficient response in the event of an incident.

Esquimalt Dock Upgrades
Fraser River Pile & Dredge, Victoria BC

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems was contracted by Fraser River Pile and Dredge to support their project to update the aging berth facilities at DND's Esquimalt Graving Dock in Esquimalt, BC. 


GRIFFIN worked in partnership with Trelleborg Marine Systems to manufacture (34) SeaGuard Foam-Filled Fenders at Trelleborg's new Berryville, Virginia manufacturing facility. GRIFFIN also supplied extruded D-Fender Systems and all associated mounting hardware for the project. GRIFFIN managed the logistics and importing of multiple shipments from various international factories to ensure the on time delivery of all equipment. 

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SCN Ferry Fenders.jpg


A selection of our marine asset, infrastructure and environmental protection projects across Canada.

Oil Terminal Upgrades
Kildair Services, Sorel-Tracy QC

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems in partnership with Maritime International worked with Kildair Services, and their consulting engineer Roche, to design and manufacture new MCS Cell Fender Systems and custom steel mounting frames to upgrade the berthing capacity of Kildair’s oil handling terminal in Sorel-Tracy, QC. 


This was a fast-tracked project due to a critical future berthing, which was completed on time and on budget. In addition, GRIFFIN provided Pneumatic Fender rentals throughout the project to enable the continued use of the berth.

Ferry Terminal Upgrades
McNally Construction, Saint John NB

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems was awarded a contract by McNally Construction to provide the marine fenders, mooring equipment and other fabricated dock equipment to upgrade the berthing structures for Bay Ferries in Saint John, New Brunswick.


GRIFFIN's scope of supply included (16) 14-meter long steel panel SCN Fender Systems, MT Mooring Bollards and miscellaneous steelwork. The miscellaneous steelwork included mooring rails, torsion pipes, ladders, and steel fender stools. The oversize panels were shipped via flatracks to the Port of Halifax, trans-loaded and transported to Saint John by flatdecks. All equipment was manufactured and delivered on time and within budget.

Woodside Griffin Fenders_edited.jpg
Shell Markleen.jpg

Oil Terminal Upgrades
Woodside Terminal, Dartmouth NS

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems was contracted by facility owner to manufacturer and deliver (4) 2000mm MCS Cell Fender Systems with large, custom-designed steel mounting frames to upgrade their marine facilities and increase their berthing capacity of their oil handling terminal in Dartmouth, NS. 


GRIFFIN worked closely with the project consulting engineer Hatch Mott MacDonald and general contractor McNally Construction to assist with the onsite installation and commissioning of the large fender units. This was a schedule-critical project which was complete on time and on budget. 

Environmental Response Systems
Shell Canada, Halifax NS

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems was selected by Shell Canada to supply the offshore oil spill response systems and related equipment to support their recent deepwater drilling operations offshore Nova Scotia. 


GRIFFIN worked in conjunction with our manufacturing partner, Markleen AB of Norway, to address the incident preparedness requirements of Shell Canada and their response partner ECRC-SIMEC. The scope of supply included (4) Containerized Inflatable Offshore Boom Systems, complete with hydraulic reels, power-packs, blowers, and towing bridles. GRIFFIN assisted Shell Canada and ECRC-SIMEC with commissioning, testing and personnel training.


Engineered systems and equipment for the protection of marine assets, infrastructure and environments.

Home: Systems
Trelleborg Griffin Fenders.jpg

Marine Fender Systems

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems in partnership with Trelleborg Marine Systems offers the Canadian marine sector the most comprehensive offering of engineered fender systems. Trelleborg is the world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance fender systems and provides the best designs and materials ensuring low maintenance and a long service life.


Our Marine Fender Systems include:

SCN Cone Fenders; SCK Cell Fenders; MV Element Fenders; AD Arch Fenders; SeaGuard Foam Fenders; HALO Pneumatic Fenders; Cylindrical Fenders; Profile and Vessel Fenders; UHMW Facings and Pads; Custom Fender Systems; and Marine Grade Fender Hardware.


Our Marine Fender Services include:

Design and Specification Support Services; Berthing Analysis Services; Testing Services; Installation Services; Commissioning Services; and Inspection Services.


For more information on our Trelleborg Marine Fenders,

visit; or contact

Trelleborg Griffin Bollards.JPG

Bollards and Anchoring Systems

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems and Trelleborg Marine Systems provide mooring bollards with a range of design profiles, sizes, and mooring line capacities to suit all mooring applications. Trelleborg Bollards are a simple and cost-effective way to fulfill mooring requirements and safely secure vessels alongside jetties, berths, wharves, and dolphins in ports and harbours. The shape of Trelleborg bollards has been refined with finite element techniques to optimize the geometry and anchor layout. 

Our Mooring Bollards include:

Single Bit Bollards; Double Bit Bollards; T-Head Bollards; Kidney Bollards; Staghorn Bollards; Mooring Cleats; and Marine Grade Bollard Hardware

For more information on our Trelleborg Mooring Bollards,

visit; or contact

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Docking and Mooring Systems

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems is the exclusive Canadian representative for Trelleborg Marine Systems's Docking and Mooring Division. Together, we provide the Canadian marine and energy sectors with the most advanced offering of engineered docking, mooring and berthing systems for onshore and offshore applications. 


Our Docking and Mooring Systems include: 

Quick Release Hooks; Docking Aid Systems; Berthing Approach Systems; Automated Mooring Systems; Dynamic Mooring Systems; Environmental Monitoring Systems; Systems Integration Solutions; and Line Handling Equipment.


Our Docking and Mooring Services include:

Design and Specification Support; Berthing Monitoring and Analysis; Load Monitoring Services; Installation Services; Commissioning and Training; and Inspections Services.

​For more information on our Trelleborg Docking and Mooring Systems,

visit; or contact

Lamor Griffin LFF100.jpg

Oil Spill Response Systems

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems in partnership with Lamor Corporation and Markleen offer Canada's leading spill response organizations, government agencies, and operators the most advanced line of oil spill response (OSR) equipment specifically designed and manufactured for cold weather environments. 

Our Oil Spill Response Systems include:

Inflatable Boom Systems; Standard Containment Booms; Oil Skimmer Systems; Hydraulic Boom Reels; Power Packs (Diesel and Electric); Industrial Pumps and Compressors; Oil Storage Tanks; Silt Curtains; and Ancillary OSR Equipment

Our Oil Spill Response Services include:

Design and Specification Support;  OSR Equipment Rental; Equipment Servicing and Repairs; Equipment Installation Services; Commissioning and Training Services (IMO Level 1, 2 & 3); and Equipment Inspections Services.


For more information on our Oil Spill Response Systems, 

visit; or contact

Brightlight Griffin High-Mast.jpg

High-Efficiency Lighting Systems

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems in partnership with Phoenix Lighting provide high-efficiency light systems, which integrates advanced lighting technology with wireless capabilities and an energy management platform to deliver up to 80% energy savings to customers in the high mast lighting market. For over 100 years, Phoenix Lighting has been an industry-leading manufacturer of high quality, durable lighting solutions built to withstand even the harshest of conditions. Phoenix Lighting's high-efficiency lighting systems put customers in control of their energy usage while delivering dramatic cost savings. 


Our Lighting Systems include:

LED High Mast Lighting; LED Flood and Perimeter Lighting; LED High Bay Lighting; EDMS Energy Data Management Systems; Wireless Fixture Controls; and Mounting Hardware


Our Lighting Services include:

Lighting Analysis Services; Design and Specification Support; Equipment Installation Services; and Commissioning Services.


For more information on our Lighting Systems,

visit; or contact

Carmel Griffin CCS Wraps

Specialty Corrosion Systems

Carmel Corrosion Systems is the exclusive manufacturer of the patented CCS Wrap Systems for the lasting protection of new or existing marine pilings, offshore riser pipes, and offshore or near shore pipelines. The CCS Wrap acts as a physical barrier to the corrosive environment, depriving the structure surface from coming in contact with oxygenated seawater. The active protection factor are the corrosion inhibiting agents within the wrap, which arrest and deter further corrosion to the structure. Engineered to the highest standards and offered exclusively in Canada by GRIFFIN Engineered Systems, the CCS Wrap System provides upwards of 30-years of worry-free protection.
Our Specialty Corrosion Systems include:
Inshore Pile Protection; Offshore Conductor and Riser Pile Protection; Offshore and Onshore Pipeline Protection; and Sub-Sea Joint Repair

For more information on our CCS Wrap Systems,

visit; or contact

WM Marine Lantern.jpg

Aids to Navigation Systems

Wealth Marine specializes in development, manufacturing and marketing of marine aids to navigation products, aviation obstruction lights, and other optical equipment. Wealth Marine's in-house design and manufacturing capabilities allows them to produce world class equipment to the exacting technical requirements and specification of your aids to navigation project. Together, GRIFFIN Engineered Systems and Wealth Marine provide Canada with industry leading marine lanterns, floating buoys, radar beacons, rotating beacons, aviation obstruction lights, and other aids to navigation products. 
Our Aids to Navigation Systems include:

LED Marine Lanterns; Solar Powered Marine Lanterns; Marine Signal Lamps; Rotating Beacons; Range Lanterns; Obstruction lights; and Racons

For more information on our Aids to Navigation,


Bridge Piles_edited.jpg

Composite Construction Systems

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems works with a number of specialized manufacturers that offer advanced, cost-competitive composite construction products that address the problems associated with rusting and rotting in a marine environment. These products are used for marine infrastructure construction, marine gangways, remote trail bridges, civil construction, culvert liners, and many more unique applications. GRIFFIN’s proven composite construction systems outperform and out last conventional systems.
Our Composite Construction Systems include:
Pultruded Fiberglass Truss Bridges for Trails and Marine Gangways; Composite Culvert Rehabilitation Systems; Composite Storage Tanks; Composite Fender Piles; Structural Piles; Structural Bridge Beams; Floating Camels; Composite Timbers; and Floating Docks.

For more information on our composite construction systems, 


Home: Services


Project services for facility owners, operators, consulting engineers and general contractors.

GRIFFIN Engineered Systems in cooperation with our manufacturing partners provides a variety of engineered services to support your marine asset, infrastructure and environmental protection projects. 


Our project support services include:
Design and Specification Support

Project Management Services

Equipment Installation Services

Commissioning and Training Services

Logistics and Import Services

Equipment Inspection Services

Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Equipment Rentals

Specialty Fabrication Services

Specialty Coating Services

For more information on our Project Services, 


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Leading international manufacturers of proven protection systems for marine environments.

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GRIFFIN Engineered Systems awarded contract to supply 220 floating oil storage tanks as part of Canada's Oceans Protection Program.

September 10, 2019

"Your assistance in the refinement of our preventative maintenance programs and performance specifications will be utilized in the procurement of future marine systems. I am convinced this exercise will result in long-term savings to Marine Atlantic."

Allan Beaton
Manager, Engineering Services
Marine Atlantic

Sydney, Nova Scotia

"Your level of professionalism is among the very best we have experienced from our many International partners. We are pleased to have GRIFFIN Engineered Systems as our exclusive representative in the Canadian market."

Marc Thompson
President, Americas
Trelleborg Marine Systems 

Houston, Texas

"We were very impressed with GRIFFIN Engineered Systems ability to quickly understand our requirements, manufacture and deliver the large steel fender systems, and work with Fraser River Pile and Dredge to ensure a safe and efficient turnkey installation package."

David MacAdam
Manager, Facilities
GCT Canada LP

Vancouver, British Columbia

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